Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My honey brings home loaves of french bread but sometimes they get stale before we can finish them and that invites me to make bruschetta!! :)
(I'll be honest, this time the loaf wasn't stale, I was just drooling over the idea of eating it, so I made it. :))

I chopped up 3 ripe tomatos (I like the ones on the vine) and 2 scallion onions:

Then I chopped up some fresh basil leaves:
They come off my pretty little basil plant. Ain't she a beauty? :)

 After adding the basil to the tomatos/scallion, I added a squeeze of lemon juice, salt and olive oil:

Then I toasted slices of french bread that had been rubbed with garlic:

Spread the tomato mixture over the toasted bread and wallah!
(this picture wasn't taken quickly enough... a few slices were already snatched off the tray before I could take a photo, lol!)
Bon Appetit! :)


  1. MAMA!!! You're making me drool over my keyboard!!!
    1) Your freakin' plant looks amazing and yummy!
    2) I never thought to add scallions to my bruschetta; and
    3) wow, I never thought to use lemon instead of balsamic vinaigrette!!!

    Thanks for the ideas!!!!

  2. OMG!!! I love bruschetta!! I wish I lived closer, I would be over to eat some with you! LOL ;o) Your plant looks very yummy!!!