Monday, July 18, 2011

Lobster July 2011

Yesterday my fiance made me lobster for dinner. 

I didn't let him see me but I was snickering when I saw he made the salad in a big pot instead of a bowl
(he must not have been able to find a clean bowl -- how resourceful!)

my plate

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My honey brings home loaves of french bread but sometimes they get stale before we can finish them and that invites me to make bruschetta!! :)
(I'll be honest, this time the loaf wasn't stale, I was just drooling over the idea of eating it, so I made it. :))

I chopped up 3 ripe tomatos (I like the ones on the vine) and 2 scallion onions:

Then I chopped up some fresh basil leaves:
They come off my pretty little basil plant. Ain't she a beauty? :)

 After adding the basil to the tomatos/scallion, I added a squeeze of lemon juice, salt and olive oil:

Then I toasted slices of french bread that had been rubbed with garlic:

Spread the tomato mixture over the toasted bread and wallah!
(this picture wasn't taken quickly enough... a few slices were already snatched off the tray before I could take a photo, lol!)
Bon Appetit! :)